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Nutri Ninja Duo

ninjaThis is my favorite kitchen gadget! Or should I say gadgets? The food processor is used almost daily in our home. Not only does it make chopping those dreaded onions much easier, but I have made numerous bread doughs in it with the mixing tool (which has also made garlic cloves easier to peel). My girls and I all love the smoothie bullets. It comes with more than one cup and drink-allowing lids so we cut back on dishes and get to customize our own smoothies without having to keep washing a blender between uses. Honestly, the device is very useful and I know there is so much more I could do with this than what I already am. It is by far my favorite and most used kitchen toy!



Genesea Face Wash

face wash

I have tried many face washes over the last 15 years and have never had one that worked as well for as long as this one. When washing it gives a warm, tingly sensation (may not be good for some with sensitive skin). After using it leaves a very soft and smooth feel across the skin. I actually had to reduce the amount of moisturizer I used afterward. I have been using since March of 2017 and don’t see myself switching brands. Follow with toner and moisturizer and exfoliate once a week for even better results



Vivo Facial Peeling Gel

This is my go-to facial peel. I first came across this product at a mall stand. I ended up paying around $60 and fell in love. After checking Amazon, I could not believe the price- what a STEAL!

It is great for sensitive skin too! There is no peeling, no burning, and no irritating sensation. A little goes a long way too. I like that I can rub this all over my face and watch the dirt just come right off, leaving my skin feeling refreshed and so soft.




BOB Books

I absolutely stand by these sets! Both of my boys struggled with reading for years. I tried technique after technique and book after book hoping that they would pick up on reading. Nothing worked until I was introduced to these books. Although I do choose to mix the order up, these sets have been worth the investment and my children love them. If there was one tool I would recommend for beginning readers- this would be it!

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