On The Grill

Deliciously Sticky BBQ Ribs

There is nothing better on a Saturday night than to be outside with the family grillin’ up a feast. In our home, nights like these bring everyone just a little bit closer. The kids run around playing soccer or chasing each other with their water guns, my husband has music playing, and I’m usually enjoying a small glass bottle of wine. And…

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Every Day Eats

Super Delicious Parmesan Chicken

* This post contains affiliate links* It is the start of a new school year again and as always, I have been hustling around the house as busy as a bee in preparation for tomorrow; just hoping to have a smooth day finally (we all know how crazy the first few weeks of homeschool is when trying to find a…

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Ethnic Splurges

Crispy & Flaky Tostada Bowls

There is nothing more wonderful than a well-rounded meal. I mean veggies, protein, carbs, and absolute deliciousness. I know my favorite thing for many years has been the taco salad at Baja Fresh; that crispy, flaky tostada bowl shell most of all. We used to live close to this place and I could have my splurge anytime. I would splurge…

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