Adventures With Kevin Bacon

For years I have admired mini pigs. Their tiny structure, their cuteness, even the fact that they had stubby little legs- I was infatuated! We lived in the city in Southern California and, for those of you not familiar with the big cities in So Cal, there is no room for farm animals. Then when my husband joined the Army all hopes of a mini pig went out the window. The moving would just be too complicated and so would finding a rental home that allowed me to have a mini pig.

Now here we are many years later and we moved from the big city to the beautiful Arizona Mountains. We have space and country-like living. Our neighbors have horses, chickens, goats, and even a few alpacas. It was the perfect place for this city girl to grow her dysfunctional farm! Then I met Mini Pig Madness and her little piggies were adorable and so darn happy! To my luck, she was a breeder in our vicinity and was affordable. The best news was that she was expecting her mama pig to have babies within a few months.

I was finally getting my mini pig!

I anxiously awaited my little pig’s arrival. We prepared a pen, built a house, and debated over names. Then in the beginning of May 2017, I received a video showing that our new pet baby was born! And on June 12, 2017, we made the trip to pick up Mr. Kevin Bacon.

What an exciting moment it was to bring home my little dream pet- our newest family member. The days that followed were as memorable as watching my children grow. Our cat, Rocky, watched carefully over this strange new creature.

Our dogs, Biggie & Harley, sniffed with curiosity. And the kids excitedly followed Kevin around.

It didn’t take long for him to become house trained or learn the sound of his food being prepared (HA!).

His sleeping smile is something to be adored, as well as his early morning oinks when it is time for breakfast. He still enjoys his sides rubbed and falls over like a paralyzed little piggy. Every night since bringing him home has been filled with cuddles and every morning we watch him run back and forth and play with the dogs.


He is just too cute!

Adventures with Kevin B is a fun filled journey in which we want to share all of the joys and adventures we share with Kevin! All written from my children’s point of views and experiences.


As of right now, Kevin is still harness training (which is something similar to trying to ride a bull), but soon enough Kevin will be exploring the world and accompanying our family hikes and outings.

I hope you enjoy his adventure as much as we do!

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