Life & Lovely Chaos is focused on inspiring women & mothers to embrace their chaos, focus on the beauty of life, and to regain their strength (and sanity) by sharing my own lovely chaos as well as words of encouragement. I am dedicated to sharing the messy, the crazy, and the beauty of the busy life of a homeschooling, God-fearing family as well as creating delicious art from inside the kitchen.

Here I target a wide variety of food; from ethnic cuisines, everyday eats, and sweet treats. Oh, and don’t forget about on the grill! Mix this with a side of life from a homeschool family of six and a “farm” of pets & you have one Interesting Adventure!

Each recipe is a personal favorite & many have become popular hits with friends, family, and many from our “soldier family” over the years! I also share some of my authentic Hispanic recipes with mini videos to assist. In our home, food is what brings us together!


Every day is a blessing filled with chaos and adventure as we prepare our little monsters for life. So it is only fitting to share with you some experiences, advice, and insight.

So whether you are looking for a delicious new recipe, are a homeschool family or considering homeschool, or you want a glimpse of the survival of a lovely chaotic life… there is something here for you!

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With All Of That Said…

Hello & Welcome!

I’m Nikki. A food loving, homeschool mom to four beautiful monsters and wife to the most amazingly complicated man. We have been blessed to find the perfect place to grow our roots (FINALLY!) now that my husband’s time in service has ended. I like to say I am no longer a city girl and becoming something in between a confused country-mountaineer; slowly learning to homestead here in the beautiful Arizona Mountains. It can be quite an entertaining sight at times I am sure!

(The kids and me on top of The Eye Of God in Big Bear, CA. Nature Studies are our favorite!)

          It is actually quite chaotic in attempting to find a balance between all of the daily duties of being a wife, mother, teacher, caretaker to a disabled Veteran, learning to homestead, & working on projects for our future organization Sweet Treats For Our Heroes– but that is what makes this new journey so interesting! There is NEVER a dull moment.

(Left: Our first year homeschooling. Someone was slacking off. Right- Top to Bottom: The kids enjoying nature study & examining creek specimens, Sweet Treats For Heroes visits the Big Bear, CA Sheriff station and delivers a thank you basket to our brave men and women, Watching the sunset with my family in AZ- he’s my rock.)

When I am not helping my kids with their lessons or juggling life you can find me in the kitchen cooking up something similar to a feast, exploring the great outdoors or devoting my time to our loving God, Jehovah.

So, as you can see, it is no surprise that I often get asked that famous question “How do you do it?”. So here I am sharing with everyone my story and passing on my recipes, tips, & Oh-So Exciting Adventure!


For all things I have the strength through the one who gives me power.

        ~Philippians 4:13

Let’s Be Friends!

I would love to get to know you so shoot me a message and say Hi!


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