Dips & Sides

Mouth-Watering Stuffed Mushrooms

I have been making stuffed mushrooms for some time now. My husband loves them and they pair perfectly with anything; steak, chicken, seafood, barbecues… ANYTHING. They are just the perfect bite-sized, finger food side dish of all time!  My original recipe was great until we visited Bj’s Brewery in California and my husband ordered their stuffed mushroom appetizer. It was an…

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Life & Lovely Chaos

Oh No! Mom Is Sick.

Well, it happened- Mom caught a virus and it was a real “oh my gosh-kill me now” type thing. Where it came from still baffles me. What I thought was just me catching up on catching that flu my kids had a couple of weeks ago quickly turned into something much worse. I kept asking myself “Why me, what did…

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All Things Products

Top 6 Homeschool Must-Haves (For Young Learners)

*  This post contains affiliate links. Homeschooling children is extremely rewarding. There are so many styles & options, so many curriculum choices, so much to plan! After all, we want our children to be well educated and teach them all that we can- especially while they are young and so full of curiosity. Where do you really begin? Alright, so maybe…

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Ethnic Splurges

Fresh & Flavorful Chicken Fajitas

With our Fall temperatures hitting the low 60’s I was looking for something fresh, flavorful, and belly-warming for dinner; something that really hit the taste buds. The one thing that kept coming to mind was that sizzling hot plate you get at a Mexican restaurant. Now I have had a lot of fajitas in my time, which is rather odd…

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